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Good news: The trailers are way more offensive and annoying than the show itself (especially this trailer, which I hate with the fury of a thousand suns). The story, which follows best friends Amy and Karma who take being mistaken for a lesbian couple at an ultra-liberal high school as a golden opportunity to improve their social standing, isn’t about two fake lesbians; it’s about one fake lesbian and one very confused best friend who is probably an actual lesbian. In fact, it’s the fake relationship that enables Amy’s gradual revelation of her own Sapphic leanings, and it happens in a way that a lot of queer women can relate to. You know, the whole “falling in love with your best friend” thing.

MTV’s “Faking It” Is Pretty Good, For Real | Autostraddle

MTV’s “Faking It,” about two high school girls pretending to be in a lesbian relationship to gain popularity, premieres tonight at 10:30 Eastern on MTV. Autostraddle’s Riese Bernard actually really liked it. Let’s see what everyone else thinks tonight! 

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It’s incredible how Faking It hasn’t officially started airing yet but karmy is already so fucking popular


Did you hear that sound? It’s the sound of me joining in another fandom


Looking at the kiss scene - just my headcanon


As Karma appears to be the ‘dominant’ friend, Amy looks to her to save them when they’re called out on their lie. But when Karma is going to confess, Amy - wanting to make Karma happy - takes control for once. “If we’re faking it, would i do this?” she says, and she sounds so apprehensive and…

Karma and I are faking being lesbians. Karma is,
I’m not so sure